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Is your company protected against fraud or scam? As society is moving toward plastic friendly business world, you may appear that your concerns and worried are finally over. After all, you never need to worry about counterfeit cash and bounced checks, right? While it may be real, that does not mean that the other types of payments are without concerns. Unfortunately, a lot of companies and businesses are accepting debit and credit card, but are not purchasing BIN checker or software. Why should anyone take chances on this thing if they are searching for a safe form of payment? Quite simply, they should since fraudulent customers and thieves are starting to become more and more advanced on how they actually approach con.

What BIN checker potentially does for your company is that it keeps up-to-date numbers on the debit and credit card numbers which are currently available or in use. By using the first 6 digits of any 16 digits card, the excellent database can actually assess and verify if the card is legitimate – be it debit, credit, or gift. In addition to that, it can also check and see if there’s a user alert out in order to ensure that the type of payment you’re receiving is actually legitimate.  This is turn will not only be beneficial for you but also for your customers.

BIN Checker – How Can It Help You as a Business Owner?

BIN checker allows you to be assured about your different business transactions. It also enables you to essentially check against the things that are potentially out there with the use of the most updated information. This in turn offers you an opportunity of improving your cash flow, which is a highly essential component of any company. Furthermore, you also have much better and effective protections against stolen or lost credit card receipts.

BIN Checker – How It Helps the Customers

Customers and clients are on a defensive side with advanced methods and techniques of fraudulent behaviors that are popular these days. Thus, as a business owner you should see to it that you do things that can ensure their safety. Customers and clients want to feel secured, and in the current state of economy today, you cannot afford to not protect theirs and also your own interest.

BIN Checker For Fraud Risk Reduction

Bank Identification, also called as BIN, is a numeric code that’s being used in designating several kinds of transactions especially with banks as well as other financial companies and institutions. This ID is indeed one of the most critical elements in the confirmation and validation of transactions essential for concerned financial institutions. This numeric code is applied with credit institutions, banks, and loan and savings association. It’s one of the most essential elements in the different transactions of merchant accounts owners, online shops, payment processors, which do businesses via credit cards.

Why is There a Need For BIN Database?

BIN finder, an essential business tool aimed at companies engaging in eCommerce and transact via credit cards. Being a lookup tool, it is a critical facet of any business transaction proving safety nets ideal for possible chargebacks and frauds. Failure to utilize BIN checker to reduce and prevent chargebacks and frauds can eventually affect your company and can even affect your client relationship.

As a business owner, you can’t have and maintain a good relationship with all your clients and customers if they’re not confident about the security and safety protocols in your company. Thus, if your company does not have a BIN checker, you should have one. If not, chance is, you potential customers will not be interested and inclined in using their credit cards for all their transactions  in your company’s eCommerce website because of perceived security concerns and threats.

Aside from that, if your company doesn’t use BIN checker, then you are opening your business operations and transactions to possible losses for fraudsters and thieves can draw funds or money from your customers’ cards. Your business can’t do without the BIN checker, thus, if you really want to maintain and sustain the development and growth of the eCommerce business, it is essential for you to have an effective and comprehensive BIN checker.

How Important is BIN Identification?

BIN search and BIN checker is definitely an indispensable tool for your company’s online transaction. It’s necessary for you to discover and validate the real identity of a financial institution or bank that is responsible for completing and approving the transactions made from your eCommerce website. For example, BIN checker enables your own card processor identify which bank issued credit card that is used in a transaction. Thus, this search offers an easier and faster connection with this concerned bank. In addition to that, it also helps you to easily access essential data and information that is needed to have the authorization and to confirm any credit card transactions.

With an accurate and complete BIN list, you can process online purchases and credit card transaction/s in a short amount of time and this only translates to much better and secure services of your company. Potentially, BIN checker can also aid you in identifying possible disapprovals or rejections of credit card transactions because of various reasons.


BIN Checker Conditions

For an ID to be that effective, it has to be easy to use and user friendly. This is where professionally handled and excellent BIN checker is essential. It guarantees that your company’s BIN database is up to date with all the essential information for a very accurate and reliable check on credit card used on any transaction.

Your BIN checker should also be precise. This is the reason why this latest state of the art, top of the line technology should be engaged in order to guarantee its performance and high accuracy. However, these BIN checker should be monitored appropriately with updates for there are new banks and merchants that are setting up together with banks and retailers under receivership. Dependability and reliability is another critical criterion of BIN checker and databases for accuracy and precision in spelling can increase the quality of the search.